How to buy your house?

We’ll tell you in 7 simple steps how to buy your home with Constructora Mendebal and get closer to the home of your dreams.


You must determine if you will make the purchase personally or if you prefer to first receive virtual assistance through our virtual sales room.


If you decide to do it in person, you can go directly to our sales room, where our advisors will provide you with all the information about the project that interests you (quotation, apartment distribution, location, areas, common areas, and costs).


If you decide to first request our virtual assistance, you should fill out the form on our website, in the “Contact” section, so that an advisor can contact you and provide you with the information you need.


Once you are convinced that this is the ideal project for you and you have chosen your apartment, in the tower, floor, and desired view, an advisor will provide you with a quotation.


Subsequently, they will design a payment plan with you in which they will indicate the amount of the down payment (which is usually 30%) and the number of months to pay it off.

Here it is important for you to consider your savings in severance pay, benefits from compensation funds, and other extralegal sums that may provide you with financial assistance in purchasing your home.


Now you will need to make the reservation of your home with the amount established by the construction company, which is usually calculated as a percentage of the total value of the property.


Finally, it’s time to start the process of applying for a pre-approved loan from a banking institution that will validate your debt capacity and allow you to cover the remaining 70% of the value with a mortgage loan.

That’s how simple it is to acquire your dream house or apartment with Constructora Mendebal, one of the market-leading companies, offering the best prices, common areas, and projects tailored to our clients’ needs.

Now, we invite you to visit our virtual sales room by clicking here and discover what we know will be your ideal home.

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